Third-Party Cooperation

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Third-Party Cooperation

After a person has been sentenced in federal court, few options remain for obtaining a reduced sentence. There is no parole, and federal prisoners serve 87.2% of their sentences with good conduct time.

Cooperation Can Result In A Sentence Reduction At Any Time

The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure allow prosecutors to move for a sentence reduction on behalf of persons who provide “substantial assistance” in the investigation or prosecution of another person. “Substantial assistance” has no set definition, and can include simply telling prosecutors what an individual may know about a crime. It can be a federal or state crime. Generally, the more a person assists the larger the sentence reduction will be.third-party-cooperation

Some defendants make the mistake of attempting to cooperate without the assistance of an attorney. But you should never do it on your own. We know how to assist you or your love one in fighting for a cooperation related sentence reduction. If you want to cooperate with the federal government, please contact our office before you do so.

Third-Party Cooperation

A special type of cooperation assistance involves the use of a third-party (a person who is not the defendant in a federal case) and the government. This type of cooperation is common in narcotics cases where the defendant is incarcerated and unable to actively assist the government in the investigation. With third-party cooperation, substantial assistance provided by the third-party is used as a basis for reducing the defendant’s sentence.

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