Unrewarded Cooperation

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Unrewarded Cooperation

Have you, a friend, or loved one previously cooperated with the federal government and not received a sentence reduction?


The rules concerning cooperation sentence reductions are clear. You can receive a sentence reduction for substantially assisting the federal government in the:


Prosecutors have a lot of discretion to determine what constitutes “substantial assistance.” Sometimes they will refuse to move for a sentence reduction because the assistance was only “marginal” or did not result in the prosecution of another person. This frequently happens when an individual attempts to cooperate without the assistance of an attorney. Unrepresented persons are ill equipped to address unrewarded cooperation situations.unrewarded-cooperation-reduced-sentence

Our office has successfully helped “facilitate” the filing of sentence reduction motions by the federal government based on prior unrewarded cooperation. The government’s failure to seek a sentence reduction can sometimes be resolved by simply contacting the Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the defendant. But these are delicate situations. And you have to know how to properly negotiate for the desired result.

We know how to negotiate. We know how to fight for our clients.

We are not afraid to go the distance to help you fight for your sentence reduction. If necessary, we will make contact with the supervisor for the Assistant U.S. Attorney. We will even go over this person’s head, all the way to the U.S. Attorney–the head prosecutor–if need be.

Prosecutors have a responsibility to treat individuals who cooperate fairly. If you feel that you or your loved has been treated unfairly, please contact our office today. We offer a free initial consultation for all cooperation matters. Let us assess how we may be able to help you or your loved get a sentence reduction for unrewarded cooperation.

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